Monday, August 19, 2013

Beautiful Butterflies

Year 2 have been developing their blending techniques with oil pastels. Oil pastels can be blended together to create a soft, smooth painted effect. 

Here are oil pastels that are not blended:

Here are oil pastels that have been blended (pressing the lightest colour on top):

Year 2 did these practice sheets first, which we cut out and framed on black card. 

 Year 2 have since used the oil pastels to create beautiful Monarch Butterflies. They blended yellow and orange together to create bright wings and combined white, light blue and dark blue to make a vibrant background. Finally the black edges were added and the result is wonderful! Well done Year 2!

The original idea for this lesson was from a fantastic website called Art For Kids Hub which has brilliant tutorials and worksheets! Check it out!