Monday, August 12, 2013


Year 3 and 4 used masking tape to create Australian Gum Trees. Students used pastels and watercolour paints to add details. The focus was on the trunks rather than the leaves to give the illusion that you were walking through the national park.

Lesson 1
1. Rip pieces of masking tape - stick on art shirt for safe keeping and to lose stickiness.
2. Place tape on art paper, starting from the top. Leave space at the bottom.
3. Add smaller pieces of tape to create branches.
4. Outline with black pastel, add shadows, add horizon.

 Lesson 2

1. Paint sky using water colours. Must blend a minimum of 3 colours together to create the look of a sunrise, sunset or bushfire.
2. Paint foreground /add any other details.
3. Allow to dry.

Lesson 3
1. CAREFULLY peel off tape, reveling gum trees underneath.
2. Smudge finger along one side of tree, dragging pastel in to create a 3D look. 
3. Add lines and knots to look like tree trunks.


They look great! Well done Year 4!