Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Underwater Self-Portraits

In the beginning of Term 4, Year 2 participate in a 2 week Swimming Program. Back at school, they were very excited to share their swimming experiences. So fitting in with their recent experiences, Year 2 drew Underwater Self-portraits. 
The idea was also inspired by another popular art blog, useyourcolouredpencils.
To begin, Year 2 looked at pictures of people swimming and discussed what physical changes happen underwater, For example, our hair goes wavy, our cheeks get puffy, we open our eyes wider to see.
Students used mirrors to assist in sketching their "underwater faces" and included items such as goggles, flippers and rash vests in their drawing.
After this, year 2 used oil pastels to colour their self-portraits and added ripples in the background with white pastel.
Finally, watercolour paint was added and the artwork was glued onto our bubble frames which we made by printing with old glue sticks and white paint.
They did a fantastic job! Well done Year 2!