Monday, September 8, 2014

Name Collages inspired by Rosaline Gascoigne.

Year 5 have been studying the artworks of Australian artists. Russell Drysdale, Grace Cossington-Smith and Rosaline Gascoigne are known for their depictions of the Australian landscape.

Gascoigne used mostly found materials: wood and yellow and orange retro-reflective road signs. These objects represent, rather than accurately depict, elements of the world around her: the landscape around her home in Canberra and the materials and textures of Australian life. 


Year 5 created their own artworks inspired by Gascoigne's 'cut-up and re-arranged' style. The students drew their names with black marker on square paper (easier for cutting up later) then decorated the background using bright patterns and colours. The name artworks were cut into 16 pieces and glued onto a bright piece of cardboard. 

Can you spot an Ethan, Ned, Emily or Eloise in these artworks?