Sunday, May 22, 2011

Koi fish Kites

Year 4 are making artworks with the theme 'Japan.'

It just so happened that I came across these fantastic Koi Fish kites.

To decorate them, you only need to follow 2 VERY easy steps.
Step 1 - draw patterns and designs with textas. Symmetrical or non-symmetrical patterns.
Step 2 - Add water using a paint brush.
That's it!

What you end up with is an amazing tie-dye effect. This will only work on non-permanent textas as they will run when wet.
It has created a lot of art-envy for the other grades who see the kites drying in the art room.
To finish the kites, we punched holes in the mouth and added string.
This is possibly one of my favourite art activities!
Can you spot some hanging in the art room?